Reconocimiento arqueológico del Fiordo Parry, Tierra del Fuego
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Reconocimiento arqueológico del Fiordo Parry, Tierra del Fuego

    Autor(es):   Ortíz-Troncoso, Omar R.

    Fecha:  1971

    Tipo de documento:   Articulo

    Fuente:  Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia

  • Abstract:
    A survey in fiord Parry, the southward prolongation of Seno Al mirantazgo, Tierra del Fuego, was carried out in February, 1971. This área has not been previously recognized archeologically (Lám. I). In 1826 the expeditionners of H. M. S. "Beag'e" established the pre sence of aborigines in this área. They apparently visited the sector to make use of its food resources: "guanacos" (Lama guanicoé), marine mammals, birds, and shellfish. Archeological vestiges were found at Puerto Cuchillo (Lám. II, fig. d), Punta Canoa (Lám. II, figs. b-c), between Punta Canoa and Ca leta A akaiuf, and at Ca!eta Alakalúf. At this last site the foundation of a three meter diameter circular habitation was excavated. This was attributed to historical aborigines, due to the presence of a glass splinter in the cultural stratum. It should be remembered that, especially during the XIX century, the aborigines bogan to adopt giass as a raw material for the manufacture of some implements. It is probable that archeological deposits are present in the oíd ma rine terraces, at present covered by a deep layer of vegetation which makes its location and study impossible.
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